Since 2008 Ramius has presented educational webinars around the subject of online communities. Whether for enterprise collaboration, brand engagement or marketing research, the Ramius webinar series contains the insights we've gathered from countless implementations.

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2011: Real Research In A Virtual World

To deliver actionable business insight, marketing researchers are more frequently recommending new, online techniques in their research designs. This webinar explores some of the Best Practices for integrating Online Communities into Research Approach

2011: Kickstarting Innovation With Ideation

This webcast explains how companies are leveraging traditionally untapped resources such as customers and B2B partners for gathering ideas and formalizing their marketing and product investment process. The speakers describe 10 steps to create the ideal conditions to capture ideas and encourage creativity in business.

2011: Wikibrands, Wikicommunities

Sean Moffitt, author of Wikibrands -- Reinventing Your Company in a Customer-Controlled Marketplace, explores the subject of online community management and what key success factors are involved in the front line management of customer and fan engagement, digital and social media activities

2010: Research In A Social World

This webinar explores how leading firms can combine the worlds of traditional marketing research and social technology to gain deeper business insight and make sense of customer participation and conversations.

2009: Adding Social Media To Loyalty Clubs

Ramius introduces ideas of how to introduce social technologies into loyalty clubs, discuss examples of successful campaigns (and some not so successful attempts), how to monetize campaigns and suggest how you can begin to explore this for yourself.

2009: Build Or Join?

The Social Web has been a sea change to the way in which we live and work. This webinar explores tactics and best practices to evaluate whether your company is better served using consumer services such as Facebook and LinkedIn, or by building your own white-label social platforms when executing “social marketing” initiatives in 2009.

2008: Building Corporate Social Networks

This webinar builds on the "Building Your Brand" session to explore how private corporate social networks can be used to empower modern companies. It expands on some of the concepts presented in earlier sessions.

2008: Building Your Brand In A World of Social Networks

Ramius explores how marketers can use public and private social networks to promote and grow their brand. The webinar talks through some of the reasons you would use a public network and how you can encourage word of mouth support for your brand.