Adding Social Media To Loyalty Clubs

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Introduction To The Topic

Loyalty Clubs have existed for many years and continue to form a successful component of marketing strategy for a wide range of businesses today. With the rise of the Social Web many new opportunities are opening up to invigorate them in new and innovative ways that connect back to the original objective of building loyalty around a brand.

Join Steve Thompson and Simon Chen from Ramius Corporation for this one-hour Webinar as they share ideas of how to introduce social technologies into your loyalty clubs. They will discuss examples of successful campaigns (and some not so successful attempts) and suggest how you can begin to explore this for yourself.

Learn about:

  • the parallels between loyalty clubs and online communities;
  • some of the ways in which social technologies can stimulate and monetize loyalty clubs;
  • examples of using social software for loyalty clubs and how Ramius Corporation expects this trend to continue beyond 2009.

About The Presenters

Stephen Thompson
Executive Vice President, Ramius Corporation
Steve leads the customer facing functions of the company and is responsible for managing Ramius' business relationships. He is involved in new and existing client business development, delivering new online communities and social networking solutions for enterprise and all the fun activities that go along with being part of the senior management team.

Connect with Steve
Twitter: @sathompson
Simon Chen
Senior Consultant, Ramius Corporation
Simon manages major client relationships, helping them to strategize, design and deploy Ramius' online community and social network solutions.
With an expertise in using online social technologies to help people connect and communicate to work, learn and innovate, Simon acts as a spokesperson for Ramius. An active contributor to the social computing community, Simon co-organizes the Social Media Breakfast events in Ottawa, Canada - a business networking event for community and social media marketing professionals.

Connect with Simon
Twitter: @sylc