Best Practices for Integrating Online Communities into your Research Approach

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Introduction To The Topic

To deliver actionable business insight, marketing researchers are more frequently recommending new, online techniques in their research designs. Ramius examines the trends, reasons and practicalities of conducting marketing research using online communities in this AMA-Ramius webinar.

Leonard Murphy of GreenBook Blog and BrandScan 360 will open the webcast with a brief context-setting discussion using results from the recentGreenBook Research Industry Trends Report and highlights from the AMA Research and Strategy Summit.

Adriana Waterston and Stephanie Wong of Horowitz Associates will then discuss how they marry traditional quantitative methodologies and in-depth qualitative methodologies with online communities. Using client cases, they will discuss:

  • how to generate rich, robust and continuous insights from an online community;
  • how to uncover and provide context to some counter-intuitive findings;
  • best practices in setting-up, managing and budgeting for studies that include an online research community.

About The Presenters

Leonard Murphy
Editor-in-Chief of GreenBook Blog, Principal Consultant GreenBook Consulting & CEO of BrandScan 360
Lenny is a successful serial entrepreneur, consultant, and advisor to MR-focused start-ups as well as being a leading voice for innovation in market research.

Connect with Leonard
Twitter: @lennyism
Adriana Waterston
VP, Marketing & Business Development, Horowitz Associates, Inc.
Adriana Waterston joined Horowitz Associates in 2001 and is currently the Vice President of Marketing and Business Development. In this capacity, Adriana is responsible for client relations, sales, new business development and branding. In addition to her business development responsibilities, Adriana handles project management for select clients. A native of San Juan, Puerto Rico, Adriana is a recognized expert on the U.S. Hispanic market and is Senior Project Manager on all multicultural and Latino research. She has particular expertise in ethnographic research, focus group moderation and one-on-one interviewing.

Connect with Adriana
Twitter: @adriana_tweets
Stephanie Wong
Assistant Project Manager, Horowitz Associates, Inc.
Stephanie graduated magna cum laude from Hamilton College with a degree in Psychology. With a particular interest in technology and emerging forms of media, Stephanie brings a wealth of research and technological skills to Horowitz Associates. She plays an integral part of Horowitz Associates' online panel and community projects, as well as developing research tools and marketing materials. Previously, Stephanie has worked in digital production, marketing and communications, and research for various non-profit organizations.

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