Social Media For Online Marketing - Consumer Social Networks vs. White Label Social Platforms

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Introduction To The Topic

The Social Web has been a sea of change to the way in which we live and work. The use of mainstream media to promote our brands has been giving way to people connecting and communicating with each other - and participating organizations - online.

Consider that, among the general adult population, some 1 in 5 will now read a blog at least once a month and are probably a member of a social networking site. And, in considering a younger demographic, some 41% of youth will visit a social networking site every day. It is no surprise that the popularity of social media for online marketing is expected to continue accelerating in 2009.

Join Phil Dame and Steve Thompson from Ramius Corporation for this one-hour Webinar as they share tactics and best practices to evaluate whether your company is better served using consumer services such as Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn, or by building your own white-label social platforms when executing different kinds of "social marketing" initiatives in 2009.

Learn about:

  • examples of different strategies and tactics that best complement using established consumer social networks and white-label platforms;
  • some of the advantages and limitations of both that you should be aware of;
  • ways to merge custom applications with consumer social networks to maximize benefit.

About The Presenters

Stephen Thompson
Executive Vice President, Ramius Corporation
Steve leads the customer facing functions of the company and is responsible for managing Ramius' business relationships. He is involved in new and existing client business development, delivering new online communities and social networking solutions for enterprise and all the fun activities that go along with being part of the senior management team.

Connect with Steve
Twitter: @sathompson
Philippe Dame
COO, Ramius Corporation
As Chief Operating Officer for Ramius, Philippe oversees key operational activities for the company and manages product direction. He is the primary user interface and experience designer for Ramius' flagship products: CommunityZero, Sixent and Recollective.
Philippe had held various roles since he joined Ramius in 1999 and remains actively involved in the company’s marketing strategy and business development initiatives. A vital contributor to Ramius' growth, Philippe has been an innovator in online collaboration since 1997.

Connect with Philippe
Twitter: @pdame